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Hoplite Reenactment Related Sites

The equipment, building processes and representations in the following are not necessarily endorsed by the Hoplite Association but the sharing of experience is an important aspect of learning, particularly in the reenactment world, and examples of both good and bad help us all develop.

http://www.koryvantes.org (Based in Athens, Koryvantes give special attention in exercising the hoplite conflics of not only the Classic and Hellenistic eras, but also the Mycenaean and Geometric eras)

http://www.AresAnax. (Based in Hellas/Makedonia, Ares Anax portray the hoplites from the Classical and Hellenistic eras)

http://www.phalanxgroup.co.uk/ (Based in Tyne and Wear area) A new group representing the Corinthian Hoplites of the Classical and Hellenistic period.

http://www.spartan-society.co.uk> (Spartan group based at the Lunt Roman Fort in Coventry.)

http://www.larp.com/hoplite/ (USA personal site - enthusiastic and shows the trials of 'going it alone' in panoply construction)

http://www.ancienthoplitikon.com/ (Melbourne based Spartans, who replicate and portray the periods of 5th/4th/3rd centuries b.c.e. The group also includes Macedonians, Scythians and Romans)

http://sydneyancients.5u.com/ (Well equipped, from Manning Imperial - link above. Cover multi-ancient roles but do Greek as well. Have been 'around' a long time)

http://www.legion-fourteen.com/greeks.htm (Included simply because it makes us smile. Enthusiasm, 100%)

www.thegreekwarriors.com (Hoplite group based in New York City. Perhaps the first Greek dedicated reenactment group in the USA?)

http://www.spartiatikesmores.gr/ (An actual group of REAL Greeks, in Greece itself. Good for them! Despite some equipment struggles (you will see from the pics they have steel kranoi) they have commissioned some attractive swords. In Greek, but click the links and find the pictures.)

http://www.spartanwarband.com/ (ASCA combat group in the USA .. BUT they are planning to expand into reenactment as well)

http://www/hetairoi.de (Hetairoi are a German based group covering the period from 500-300bce.)
Athenea Promakhos (Athenea Promakhos are based on the Spanish peninsula, most will recognise the twin crested kranoi of Ificrates).

http://www.spartanandamazonwarriors.com. (Spartan & Amazon Warriors is a group based in Western Pennsylvania, USA. It consists of both men and women who love ancient Greek history. The group takes part in many Parades, Festivals, Fairs and School demonstrations and also travels to New York and Baltimore to march with other Greek reenactment groups to form a great looking Greek Phalanx.)

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